Our four favourite variable rate cash Isas

The Telegraph has launched a major campaign to fix Britain’s creaking Isa system and we are inviting our readers to suggest ways for improving and reforming this system. Email us your thoughts at money@telegraph.co.uk

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Why the DOJ won’t back down on auto lenders

That "buy rate" is based on such criteria as your credit history and down payment. The banker gives the dealer the discretion to tack on an additional percentage point or two on your "contract rate." Why? Because the banker pays the dealer a fee based on the difference between the two rates, hence the dealer's incentive to charge you more.


Funds for downside protection: Global growth

In the next article in the series, FE Trustnet looks at the global funds likely to protect the best if the Ukraine crisis causes a prolonged sell-off.

Chase Mortgage Rates: Fixed Home Loans and Refinance Mortgage Rates for March 18

Mortgage interest were largely unchanged today at most U.S. lenders, however a few loan originators raised rates in the morning. At top American lender, Chase (NYSE:JPM), the starting rate is a tad higher today on the 30-year fixed home loan. Currently, the mortgage interest rate is coming out at 4.375% on the 30-year fixed home mortgage. Turning focus to the shorter-term, 15-year FRM, it remained steady at a rate of 3.500%. Chase provides adjustable rate loans as well, for borrowers, who are able to meet the credit standards. On Tuesday, the 5/1 ARM is quoted at a rate of 3.375%, ... Continue Reading

The Fair Tax Mark is debated in parliament

We want to offer competitive tax rates to ensure that companies locate jobs, invest and expand in the United Kingdom, but we are also determined to deal with tax evasion and contrived tax avoidance schemes, so individuals or businesses are not able to gain an unfair advantage. It is sometimes argued that the objectives of ensuring competitiveness and dealing with avoidance and evasion are contradictory. I do not accept that. I believe it is possible to create a tax system that is attractive to businesses, ensures that tax law is not exploited in ways that Parliament does not want and is ... Continue Reading