The Expert View: ITV, HSBC and Tesco

‘Arguably we see more downside risk in the group profits…The only relief factors for Tesco’s shareholders is the prospect of a held dividend and that Tesco UK is on a small discount to its peers.’

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Banks ask government to help boost Brits' savings

The British Bankers’ Association (BBA) is urging the Government to be more proactive in encouraging a savings culture amongst Britons in the upcoming Budget. The BBA added the recommendation to its submission to the Treasury ahead of the Chancellor’s statement on 19 March. It wants ministers to make ISAs simpler, and to create a new work-based account to help employees build up savings while they earn. Rising bills, paltry pay rises and a low-interest environment has made it difficult for many to save their hard-earned cash, and Brits have been saving far less than people in other EU countries over the last ... Continue Reading

Five advantages of trusts over wills

Greater certainty and protection, the use of nil rate bands for 7 years and more privacy were also considered significant positive factors offered by trusts.

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PCR Thirty Under Thirty 2014: Full list revealed

Hodgson joined as marketing executive in 2010 and has gone on to lead the BT branded consumer business unit – BT Shop – to huge growth in the last two years. Offering the entire portfolio of products, as well as the expansive range of BT devices, BT Shop services BT consumers with a huge IT offering. Hodgson manages the entire BT portfolio commercially as well as creating all marketing assets and materials for direct marketing and campaigns. In the last year she has also integrated directly with key vendors to launch new products with tier one vendors.

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Steady growth at Newcastle Building Society

Willens added: “I am more confident than ever that building societies will continue to thrive and that the society will be able to continue its focus on mortgage lending and good long-term value savings products, trusted financial advice and pursuit of excellent customer service.”

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